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It is truly exciting to have an online presence yet it is also a challenge to generate content for demanding public. We won’t appreciate watching just another ad therefore the first two seconds are crucial, and the viewer is the judge.

Our audience don’t enjoy being thought of as legged-wallets.

People want to belong and need to feel connected to the brand beyond the product and in this way express their own online identity by engaging with content.

"IT   IS   NOT   WHAT   YOU   SAY,
IT   IS   HOW   YOU   SAY   IT."

The means of expression improve the content.

On social media short films are the shit

Yet  this is not any short film...

Clips that

Nourish the brands identity

Experimenting with mix media

Played on an endless loop

Brings the product to life.

What's good, when brief, is twice as good.

Hence we create short stories.

Stories are revealed in the first 2 seconds. We use mix media techniques such as stop motion, 2D animation, crafts, photomontage and live action to hook viewers attention.

We are La Casa De Pixel